hello summer!

I’ve always been a summer girl. My birthday is in mid-June. Back in the Philippines, that’s at the tail-end of summer, when the tropical heat gives way to torrential rain. Here in California, it’s right at the beginning, when the last of the Spring chill is replaced overnight with SoCal heat waves. Either way, full-on sunshine and warmth all-around makes me feel the most like myself. (No offense, sweater-weather)

The season has only started and  it has already brought a lot of activity. This has translated to me having missed a few weeks of blogging but I am back. So far, the past few weeks have seen a calm birthday for me, a bittersweet Father’s Day, an adventurous church family camp and a (working? quiet? contemplative) Fourth of July. Lots of lessons learned there, so expect a few posts in quick succession coming your way.

Me and the kiddos at church summer camp. We are in our huge tree-house / pirate-family-explorer ship.

As demonstrated in the above photo, the kids agree with me: It feels like it’s going to be an exciting + satisfying + nerve-wracking + great summer.

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