First Beach Day of Summer 2015

A couple of weeks ago, my now East-coast residing brother came home to LA to refuel with some of our much-coveted SoCal sunshine.

Of course he came during that time of year that LA gets really gloomy and sulky, right before it gets long, amazing summer days. But no matter. Thanks to the sacrifice of the brave thousands, we experience freedoms that are only dreamt about in other parts of the world. One of those freedoms is Memorial Day which means one whole Monday with no school and no work.

A visit to SoCal is not complete without a visit to sunny, iconic Santa Monica Pier. Summer had not yet officially begun and the sun refused to come out until after noon. Other people most likely slept in the chilly Monday morn so we cruised through the 405 freeway at 9AM (unheard of) and enjoyed a crowd-free morning at Paradise Pier.


At the ring toss, trying to win a large stuffed Kobe Bryant. Psh. Totally rigged.

After a couple of rides, we went to my favorite spot on the pier, the Santa Monica Pier Carousel Building a.k.a. the Santa Monica Looff Hippodrome. Did you know that it first opened its doors in 1916? Who ever said that LA is too shallow and has no historically significant past? This place is on the National Register of Historic Places, so it’s like, officially historic, like. Also, this has a milkshake bar inside. I can’t resist that.

The building and the carousel opens at 11 AM so here’s a shot of the guys looking all chill (chilly?) while we wait for the 100-year old doors to open for the day.

Pretty much sums up my day with them.

Here’s what they were really doing:

Oh LA, you land of selfies you.

Of course we had to ride the carousel. We laughed and giggled like 6 year-olds.  Definitely worth the $2/ride.

The bunny. Getting too old for this.

We also had the attention spans of 6 year-olds and got bored. So we hopped off the horses, into the car and drove down to the Venice Boardwalk. 

Venice is so full of weird things, nothing’s weird anymore. So we just took photos of normal things.

beachday-2-2beachday-7Nothing extraordinary on the boardwalk that day. The company, however, was. These guys make everything fun. My overloaded self hasn’t had such a carefree day in a while.

We had lunch at the The Sidewalk Cafe. The patties were nothing special, but the Charles Dickens burger (which I had) was satisfying. After lunch was some sand time. I meant to sketch or read but I fell asleep. A perfectly carefree day.

The beach – the sound of the waves and wind, the smell of fish and algae – even on a cloudy day, still makes me one happy, albeit sleepy, kid.


By 3PM the sun has decided to come out. The fishy beach smell always makes me crave milkshakes. Since we didn’t get one at the Pier, we drove our posh, sweaty selves to Millions of Milkshakes in Beverly Hills. I had the Ferrero Rocher and Banana Mix. Delicious.


We found parking in front of the Golden Globes people, which was right next to the shoe people.

That red.

Overall, a great day with the best people. LA misses you already bro.

So do I. – Love, Ate

Photos by louriz and miguelanggelo