Hello 2017!

Happy New Year friends!

A thousand apologies for the prolonged hiatus. These past six months have gone by like a whirlwind. Probably because I’ve spent a big chunk of it sleeping off colds and fevers and more unpleasant symptoms of disease usually associated with adjustment to the cooler mid-Atlantic climate.


In all actuality, according to weather reports and everybody else around us, this winter has been relatively mild. So far, there has only been one weekend of serious snowfall that has warranted plowing. It has also been warmer in general, with temperatures in the 30’s, 40’s and even 50’s instead of the expected below freezing norm.

But SoCal spoils people. It spoiled me, at least. My immune system has been adamantly protesting this new environment by breaking down and giving me memorable experiences such as waking up to a bad stomach-flu on Christmas Day and having to sleep off a horrible cold on New Year’s Eve, one that still lingers as I write this 3 weeks into the New Year. So. Much. Fun. But I should be more thankful because again, this has been a mild winter so far. God is showing us much grace yet again.

So all my complaining and excuses aside, I’m enjoying the quiet countryside. One of my favorite aspects of moving here is the fact that we have a huge backyard (see photos) and I would never have to leave home to get mandatory fresh air. You can see from the photos that my introverted self loves this idea. My mother and my sister moved in with us (my brother lives in his university apartment half an hour away). We had a happy, small Christmas celebration. I’m grateful that I got to spend Christmas with my mother and siblings for the first time in three years. As much as I love and am missing our family and friends in L.A., my preferred celebratory atmosphere is more akin to Parkesburg’s – intimate, homey and comfortable. Aside from church celebrations, it turns out there isn’t much of a party scene here in rural Pennsylvania. Ha! Which is just fine by me – the person who slept through the New Year’s Eve countdown this year and did not mind one bit. Yup.

So this is the biannual life update. We’ve been in such an unsettled, transient mindset since the fall of 2015 (when we decided to move) that I’ve been unable to give much time to enjoy more relaxing activities like painting or writing. My summer reading list has turned into a winter reading list because I could hardly find an errand-free afternoon for my books. Quite sad. But as of this month, renovations on the rental house are almost done, the last of our moving boxes are about to be unpacked and our new home is starting to feel like just that, home. Along with that, I’m trying to get back into a blogging groove. If only Miguel would get our home office finished, ehem, it would help tons to have my desk back. Please and thank you my love.

img_3848Of course, any one would tell you that being present in your every day and enjoying each fleeting moment usually makes it hard to document or even leave time for writing about it. Furthermore, my day job already requires so much (more technical) writing that the prospect of having to do more creative writing when I get home is  often unappealing. But I will try my best because I find that I’m at my best when I get my thoughts out there.

And to the few of you who are still out there, thank you. Here’s to a wonder-filled, blessed 2017 filled with our very best – for Him and His glory.

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