Pennsylvania Trip 2015

Last week, I flew to the Pennsylvania solo to attend the regional leadership summit for Full Gospel Assemblies, with which our church is affiliated with. It was encouraging and refreshing weekend learning from pastors and church leaders who serve on that side of the country. As a bonus, I got to spend time with family and even got to visit Baltimore one afternoon. It was a tremendous blessing.

As you may imagine, there were a ton of photos involved. I have to sort through all of them for you. Over the next week, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to post some highlight photos from that and also share with you some thoughts that I have taken home from the summit. The back-to-back trips and the weather changes seem to have shocked my body into wanting to sleep for most of the day since I got back to Los Angeles. But I’m slowly getting back up to normalcy.


In the meantime, you can visit my VSCO Journal. Up on it are a couple of fun side excursions we managed to squeeze in, both inside Chester County in southern PA, about an hour away from Philly. The leaves aren’t fully golden yet, just turning to, but it is BEAUTIFUL. My previous visits to the area have been in the summer and it was a real treat to experience the place in a different season, especially coming from sunny-all-year-long Southern California.

Hope you enjoy those!

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