deciding against indecisiveness

Another all-nighter, one which I shouldn’t be pulling at this time. I try not to make myself tired on a Saturday night if I can help it because there’s church the next day. As usual however, I’m working on something that is needed for church later today so here I am – waiting for DVD’s to burn one at a time for the next 2 hours. Again, an ode to my terrible time-management skills. I figured all the waiting time is time to blog something down.

Tonight was Pacquiao-Marquez Part III. It was a pretty close fight, people were quite disappointed either because Marquez lost or because Pacquiao didn’t win more decisively.

Decisively. That seems to be the word of the night. In such an unpredictable world of wall street breakdowns and NBA lock-outs, it appears as though the populace are demanding for a little bit of surety in our lives. People went to bed tonight depressed about a non-decisive boxing match while somewhere in Europe, a whole country is bankrupted. If we can’t even have an assurance that our sport champion has won (or lost) a fight, what of the other bigger, uncontrollable things in our lives? Why is it that nobody can get what they want without somebody losing theirs? It’s like there are no win-win situations on earth anymore, not in boxing title bouts or basketball negotiations or the European currencies. The earth today lies before my generation with the big labels of UNSURE and IMPOSSIBLE.

I can choose to obsess about that and tomorrow and Pacquaio’s next fight or the next year or the next decade. Or – I can choose to sit here, write about it and decide that the big pile of blank DVDs and CD sleeves aren’t going to burn and assemble themselves whilst I save the flailing world economy.

Each day has enough worries of its own. One decision and day at a time.

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  1. I swear this comment has no “bias” written all over it but You write very well. I’m jealous. Buuuuut I write more funny things. 😛

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