Twenty-twenty + Psalm 46

Today, August 17, marks the 155th day since Gov. Tom Wolf announced a statewide shutdown for our state of Pennsylvania. The exact duration and nature of the lockdown has been varied all over the world, but I’m sure all can agree that it feels like it’s been longer than 150+ days. What started out as a small inconvenient bump in the community calendar has turned into an worldwide endless paddling out at sea with no land in sight. Any crisis brings out the worst and best in people, but a crisis that affects virtually everyone on the planet was going to bring forth a side of ourselves that would (should?) never have seen daylight before this pandemic happened.

One would think that because I write for a living, I would have had more thoughts about this already posted but, *awkward laugh* you know how it is…

First of all, I wasn’t a very good blogger even before 2020 happened. Secondly, 2020 happened. My thoughts and feelings have been going through so many quick changes these past 5 months that I have had to scrap so many initial paragraphs because my thoughts from the previous week were no longer applicable to the situation at hand.

a little peek into our stay-at-home summer 2020

However, writers will write. My iCloud notes are a mess of just about everything from half-baked theological discussions to Wattpad chapter drafts. Those two examples should probably also never see daylight, but I’ll try to let you read all else in between. My hope is that you realize (as I have) that while this season has indeed revealed who we are, it is more important for us to recognize God revealing to us who He is.

Today, we start recounting these lockdown diaries by going back to March 2020, at the beginning of the shutdown for us, Pennsylvanians. The video devotional below was for our church family but the word of encouragement truly was for me first. There has been a lot of earth-shaking and heart-breaking since then. Like everything else in this lockdown (i.e. government policies, expert recommendations, personal hobbies, relationship dynamics) my whole being has been on a wild, roller coaster ride. But God has remained constant and ever-present:

Once more, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” Until the next post! – louriz

from day 131, blurry but grateful to be alive

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