Seven Years

Seven years ago today was the worst day of our lives. It was the day my amazing father, in such a sudden manner, went home to be with His Savior. Seven years ago, it was so excruciatingly difficult to believe that things will get better again, that we would find reasons to wake up again, to laugh again, to look forward to holidays and birthdays and Christmas-es and New Years again.

Thank God, feelings don’t dictate our reality. We chose to trust that His Word is true, even if our world was falling apart. Some days were okay, some days horrible, but there was always enough of His mercy for each day. Eventually, the good days started to outnumber the sad days, and the hard days would become fewer and farther between. I look forward to the day when everything will be made perfect, and there will be zero bad days.

In the meantime, today was a hard one, but still so much better than the same day seven years ago ❤️ 


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