We Moved

Here it is friends – the long-overdue post about the biggest life event we’ve had since getting married.

We moved.

Coast to coast.

To a small town.

At the edge of Pennsylvania Dutch country. 

Yes folks. We are out of the hustle of Southern California and are now literally sharing neighborhood roads with Amish buggies. There’s so much greenery, cleaner air and a more relaxed atmosphere. We are surrounded by working farms and yet still have the guilty pleasure of having a 24-hour Walmart nearby.

We are now Pennsylvanians. Hmmm. At least by our residence and mailing address. I don’t know how long it will take before our consciousness becomes fully-aware of our new home or even if this wonderfully uncrowded, contained town ever accepts us as its own. I know from my nomad days that some places stick to you, some don’t. We’re hoping this one will although for now, we are still considered Californians – an association I had just recently come to terms with and now already have to let go. We’ve only been here a month. We still have days when we just stop and gasp at the beautiful diffused light of the sun setting on vast rolling hills and say, “Wow. We live here?!?”, and walk off both gleeful and also slightly bothered. The sunshine is different here, folks. It ain’t Cali, for sure.

We moved for various reasons – the best of which require more than a short blurb on this announcement. It deserves a long, carefully-thought out post that I, unfortunately, do not have time to write at the moment. We’ve been so busy with moving during our last months in Los Angeles and since we got here, we’ve been so occupied with the ministry, with our jobs, a renovation on our rental house, exploring Chester County and lots more. It’s been great! Not for blogging (sorry about that), but for life in general, it’s been amazing. I will try to get back on track because man, oh man, have I got praises to tell!

We can’t stop speaking about how good God has been to us. It’s a lot to adjust to and there are many uncertainties even now that we are already here. But we have full faith and confidence that this is where He wants us to be and that is all the assurance we need.

Oh and we drove for seven days over 3,500 miles of America in our sedan to get here. So you know we took photos. Now that’s good for a blog, isn’t it? 😉 Look out for posts about that coming your way.

This adventure with Jesus is never boring friends. Where He leads, we will follow.

–  louriz

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