thoughts on positive thinking

Last week, I have been thinking about declarations and the power they have over our lives.  When the negative things we say come true, sometimes in very tragic ways,  many of us are inclined to assume that these bad things came about because of what we said. Therefore, the same principle applied in reverse would be – if we want good things to happen in our lives, we should always speak of good things. Some people call this positive thinking. Others call it as sort of faith declarations or little spontaneous prayers. 

Based on my extremely limited and non-methodical observations, people who have the most joy in their lives are those who have learned, often by years of discipline, to confess only good things. I can’t help but envy these people. I tend to want to err on the pessimistic side. I always prepare myself for the very worst, thinking that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. It seems to have proven true – although I don’t know if my attitude brought about the wrong happenings or I just noticed everything wrong because I’m anticipating it.

Then I thought, maybe it’s not even so much as what we say as much as it is what we meditate on. Most people, Christian or not, will agree that our thinking have a great impact on our words, deeds and being. The Bible says that out of the abundance of our hearts comes the words of our mouths. What we say when times get tough, or when the day gets rough, or when someone cuts us off on the freeway, are a big reflection of what has been filling our hearts and minds at that moment. The sunny, “positive” people who have learned to always declare good things are people who have learned filled their hearts and minds with good things, so they end up speaking only good things.

Honestly, I am not so convinced that we can simply think good things into happening into our lives. I am not a believer in positive thinking per se. Even when we seem to have done everything right and when we’ve fought so hard to be strong and positive, the storms still come. They show up out of nowhere and destroy every reason we have to think that metaphorical sunshine and butterflies and a bright tomorrow will ever be possible again.

I am, however, very much convinced that we can choose to think good things whatever happens in our lives. I am a firm believer that God is sovereign and above all things. I believe He is in control of storms and that He holds the universe in His hands. I believe that when I have ran out of reasons, I will still have Him. The pessimist in me can easily ruin everything even when it’s going relatively well. There are many times when the only thing I have to hold on to is that God is sovereign. It turns out that’s more than enough to get me through anything.

Storms will come. Amidst the storm wreckage, whatever our hearts contain will burst out and be splattered all over the ground. That is why it is so important that we fill it, in and out of season, with good thoughts. Our hearts and minds should contain only what is the best – virtuous, noble and pure. That comes first and foremost from reading the Word and spending quality time with God. The time we spend with Him and His Word definitely shows, especially during the hard times. Secondly, it is reinforced by surrounding ourselves with people who build us up, cheer us on and push us forward. The company of positive, encouraging individuals is something I am learning to value and pursue.

Today and every day, I declare that God is sovereign and He has only the best things in store for me.

– louriz

header photo by: miguelanggelo

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