Hello. Again.

A lifetime ago, I did a post titled “back again. for the long haul”. Obviously and embarassingly, that did not happen. This blog was put on the back burner again for 3 years while the world as I knew it fell apart, got crushed to unrecognizable  smithereens, painstakingly picked-up piece-by-piece and is until now slowly being put back together into an entirely new being.

[As I was writing the above, I realized this has happened before. God has had to pick up broken pieces of my life and put it back together before. Is this a lifetime process? Oh man, it is isn’t it?] 

So I’m back to write from my life as it is now and a few thoughts here and there about what happened in the past 3 years. During the whole falling-apart routine, I had kept a journal of rants that should never be seen by those who I hope to keep or gain as friends. Over the next several weeks, those rants will be processed, rearranged into semi-coherent posts and examined to see if learned anything or if I’m as clueless as ever.

I’m betting on the latter.

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