Holiday Trinkets

Sentimental. That’s me. Especially during the holidays. I’m the type of person who keeps trinkets from every classroom Christmas tree, gift tag, greeting card I’ve ever come across since I learned the concept of a ‘treasure box’. When my family was in the mission field it became both harder and more important for me to carry memories everywhere we went. Most people think it’s petty or unnecessarily mushy for me to do that. I agree, I could probably live without the added emotional baggage. But what most people don’t get is it’s a coping mechanism.

For almost my whole life I’ve had to spend every holiday and think it may be the last time I’m going to spend it in that place or more importantly, with the same people. The constant moving has taught me to – first of all, not get too attached and secondly, to cherish every moment I’m in a certain place or with certain people. It seems like a dichotomy, I know. It’s not really. It’s more of a push and pull, a way to stay sane, a way to keep from being depressed while the world appears to fall apart every time.

So I keep my box of trinkets. Not because I need it for life, but rather because it reminds me that even without those things, I have life. The intangible memories are the ones I get to value forever, reminders that once upon a time somewhere, somebody made me smile.

That’s how I’ll spend the holidays this year, like every year since i can remember: Thanking God for the life and family and friends I have, thinking every moment might be the last, so better make it count for eternity. Cause once upon a time somewhere, Somebody, forsook the realm of forever to be born vulnerable into my world of the temporal so I can have the Treasure that I can count on having year after year till the end of time.

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